"Emma explained that her work is offered in two ways and obviously, I had to try them both. The first is Life Coaching, a face to face session where Emma will give you tried and tested advice on how to deal with any situation you may need help with. Whether it be a driving test, an exam, a divorce or just help to feel better in general, her knowledge helps to improve your self-esteem and mental health no end, turning a good life, into a great life.

The second is Reiki Healing. This is an ancient practice that addresses any imbalance in your physical body. It is simply the laying on of hands and in my opinion an hour of complete bliss. It is relaxing and reassuring and I always walk away feeling very renewed and refreshed. It somehow removes anxiety. The two combined give your mind and body the positivity and encouragement it needs in this hectic world of daily worries and troubles, to create a perfect balance. Only when this balance is achieved, can you reach your full potential and lead the wonderful life that is in reach for us all.

My advice would be to go and see Emma; she is one of life’s up lifters! She is a natural go-getter and a great inspiration, the world needs more people like her! Both myself and my teenage daughters have benefitted from her services and continue to do so. She is excellent in her field and a very nice lady, you will not be disappointed."



"Five years ago Emma came into my life. Earlier that year I had been diagnosed with leukaemia, had been cured and then I relapsed. To say I was shocked was an understatement; I just couldn’t believe that I had to go through it all again. But this time I had my very own angel, Emma. The moment she walked into my house I felt relaxed, she spoke with such care and love, I immediately liked her. Before I knew it we were chatting like we had known each other for years, she put some reiki music on and off she went. I had never had reiki before so I had no idea what was going to happen. I felt so relaxed and happy, I had been quite poorly and some days I would feel low and sorry for myself, but as soon as Emma came round she just lifted me. The sound of her voice and the warmth from her hands made me feel better. I could feel tingles and warmth throughout my body, it was amazing.

After my sessions with Emma I got better but not for long as I relapsed again. At this point I didn’t want to go through chemotherapy again but I had no choice. My angel (Emma) was by my side again and her magic, healing hands helped me to stay positive and keep going. She always checked on me and would send me reiki healing music to meditate to. Nearly six years down the road I am cancer free, still have a few health problems but I’m alive. Thank you Emma for being there on my journey when I really needed you!"



"When I first crossed paths with Emma I had no real experience or understanding of reiki, I did however have a lifetime history of depression and several ongoing physical conditions that I have been receiving treatment for.

After only 8 weeks of combined reiki and life coaching sessions with her my life has been totally transformed. I am now far less reliant on medication to control my pain and I have honestly never felt so well emotionally or physically. This change has been noticed by not only my family and friends, but by my audiology consultant and physiotherapist too.

During this transformation, I have also begun to build my own business following my passion; this has been so successful that I have been able to leave my 9 to 5 job to completely focus on my dream. I cannot thank Emma enough for her professional healing and gently, uplifting guidance. I recommend her to everyone I meet."



"After a few sore points in my life, I hit what I didn’t know at the time was anxiety and depression, I wasn’t sleeping, eating or coping at all. I went to the doctors and was put on anti-depressants that took time to work and wasn’t my forever answer. I came across my life coach/reiki lady Emma, after a few sessions of reiki and coaching with her I was slowly getting back on track eating, getting more sleep and meditating as Emma advised and kept a diary. I’m now running my own business and because of Emma, I deal with my stress and bad days in such a different way, I allow and accept them and know tomorrow is a new day."



"I would like to thank Emma for helping me to relax while I was going through my driving test. She taught me self-motivation, she also showed me how to meditate and taught me the skills to block out negative thoughts, how to prevent self-sabotage and how to identify my triggers which lead me falling back into bad habits. I managed my emotions and anxiety and passed my test first time at 40 years old. I will always be grateful for all the help Emma has given me; this has helped in all aspects of my life."



"Emma was recommended to me by a friend. Even though reiki was something I had only tried once before, a few years ago, I was curious to find out more – as Emma had been spoken of very highly. I booked in with Emma and she was really lovely over text, I had high hopes, and I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I met her in person – she instantly made me feel totally at ease in her company. The reiki session was very relaxing, and I was very curious to how it works, even now I still can’t get my head around it – but it does. I have continued to see Emma for reiki, as and when it feels right to, and each time I have been really pleased. I

am naturally a bit of a worrier but when I walk away from a reiki session with Emma I feel like my worries have been lifted and soothed and I feel much more at ease and in control – I find it helps settle the mind. I recently booked in to see Emma for a reiki session ahead of a job interview – I wanted to go in with a clear mind and be the best version of myself and it paid off and I got the job!"


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